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Syracuse Martial Arts Academy

Ancient Wisdom . . . Modern Results

               Located inside Destiny USA, around the corner from Johnny Rockets                                                                                                       Established in 1997                                                                                   

Who We Are

Assistant Instructors


Sifu Anthony Iglesias

Head Instructor Wing Chun

Sifu Anthony Iglesias began his Martial Arts training in 1979 under the guidance of his older brother who was learning the Ishin Ryu style of Karate, Boxing and also the Filipino Martial Arts. He also trained with his brother’s best friend, NYC boxing champion, the late MarioPontillo.

Sifu Anthony later turned to Sifu James O'Brian to learn the White Crane style of Gung Fu and then later directed his full attention to Traditional Wing Chun Gung Fu under Sifu Randall Segrue and SiGung William Cheung. An open mind to all styles of Wing Chun, Sifu Anthony has studied other Wing Chun systems directly and indirectly by  noted masters such as Duncan Leung, Alan Lee,  Ip (Yip) Chun,

Augustine Fong and Sifu Francis Fong.

Although a fully certified instructor Sifu Anthony continues his martial arts journey and education and is currently a full-time student under Sifu John Crescione. A constant student, Sifu Anthony travels monthly to his hometown of New York City to train with his Sifu and on occasion even further to train with other instructors. 


Ishyn Ryu

Western Boxing

Jeet Kune Do

Kali Escrima

White Crane Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu


Francis Fong Martial Arts Academny Certificate of Achievement (2003)

World Ving Tsun Association- lifetime membership (2005)

Sifu/Guro Eric Winfree

Head Instructor: Jeet Kune Do, Kali

Guro Eric Winfree has been studying martial arts for over forty 

years. He is one of the few full instructors of Jeet Kune Do in 

Central New York. Guro Eric is a member of the Francis Fong 

Instructor Association. In 2012, he was inducted into the Martial 

Arts Hall of Fame. In 2016, he was promoted to Senior Instructor 

under Guro Kevin Seaman, one of just 4 in the world. He has 

received numerous awards and recognitions for his expertise in 

martial arts.

After retiring from professional fighting (with an very impressive 

record of 36-3), Sifu Eric developed his own street combative system 

that has been successfully tested in numerous real world encounters. 

He has trained security personnel, police officers, parole officers, military personnel as well as teachers, housewives, just about 


Sifu Eric concentrates on the spiritual side of the martial arts in his goal is to help fellow martial artists reach enlightenment and has brought several martial artists to  the instructor level.

In addition to developing his own personal defense weapon and Women’s Self Defense Program that are highly regarded among the martial arts community, he has also been a fight choreographer.

Guro Eric is available for private instruction and seminars.


Classical Chinese Gung Fu

Jeet Kune Do

Kali Escrima/Silat

Wing Chun


Hudson Valley Martial Arts Festival Appreciation Award (2011)

Great Grandmaster Aaron Banks Hall of Fame Award (2012)

World Class Karate Appreciation Award (2016)

Saratoga Springs Appreciation Award (2016)


Syracuse Martial Arts Masters Consortium

Francis Fong Instructors Association

In Memoriam

Sija Jeanne Winfree

Syracuse Martial Arts was blessed to have the guidance, support, and love of Sija Jeanne Winfree for over a decade. Her influence on SMAA cannot ever be fully expressed. She touched every aspect of the school and every person she came across.

Sija was a guiding force in moving the Syracuse Martial Arts Academy forward as well as the individuals within it. Jeanne was taken from us much, much too early. But she leaves behind her a legacy of hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and idealism for which we are all still inspired.

As the rest of us continue down the martial arts path, Sija Jeanne is the voice in our head as we learn and teach. She is the spark of inspiration that pushes us forward even when we want to turn back. And she is the arm around our shoulders after we stumble.

Thank you Sija Jeanne for all you have done and all that your legacy and spirit continue to do.

SiHing Donald Jennings:

Training at SMAA since 2000

SiHing/Guro Jason Wallace:

Training at SMAA since 2004

SiHing Alan Knight:

Training at SMAA since 2001

SiHing/Guro Montell Lyles, Jr.:

Training at SMAA since 2010

SiJa Lisa Kim

Training at SMAA since 2010

SiHing Hoang Nguyen

Training at SMAA since 2010

SiHing Terry Tulip:

Training at SMAA since 2004