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Welcome to the Syracuse Martial Arts Academy!

No other activity can give you all the same benefits that you get from martial arts training! We are the only fully combative schools in Central New York. We train real self-defense for students, teachers, doctors, lawyers, police officers, bouncers, IT Techs, mothers, fathers, every profession. Everyone can benefit from studying kung fu, even you!

Acquire extraordinary speed, focus, sensitivity, coordination, and balance. You can't worry about rules and points when you are being attacked. There is no referee on the street. We teach you how to totally dominate and control a confrontation. This is the ultimate in self-defense training.

Wing Chun Kung Fu in Syracuse NY


A no-nonsense defense system characterized by simplicity, 

directness, and speed

Kali Escrima Class


Weapons based martial arts training encompassing an entire spectrum of weaponry

Sparring Class


Sparring focuses on preparing individuals to test what they've learned.

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