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Syracuse Martial Arts Academy

Ancient Wisdom . . . Modern Results

               Located inside Destiny USA, around the corner from Johnny Rockets                                                                                                       Established in 1997                                                                                   

Women's Self Defense Seminars

From a very early age, it has been ingrained in both men and women that men are 

stronger than women. This biological fact has given life to a number of false 


A man will win in any confrontation with a woman because he is stronger.

Women are simply not as good at defending themselves as men.

Women are at the mercy of their attackers.

None of these are true. Let me repeat that: NONE OF THESE ARE TRUE. Yes, men

are often physically stronger but as we are not talking about an arm wrestling contest, that strength is not as predictive of an outcome as one might think.

In the women’s self-defense program, women are taught how to defeat a stronger opponent using critical strikes, balance, and through 

using an opponent’s weaknesses against them. This program is not designed to create a superwoman. It is designed to create a woman 

who can protect herself in a dangerous situation. Most women have never been taught how to defend themselves. This course rectifies 

that oversight.

Through the Women’s Self Defense Course, women are given the opportunity to practice proven defense techniques in real world scenarios from the safety of a controlled environment. The course is designed to teach women how to overcome their own fears by learning how to dominate and control the situation and their opponent. They will learn how to defend themselves against multiple attackers and weapons. Students will be tested at the conclusion of the seminar and certificates will be awarded to all who successfully complete this course.

No previous training is required. All women ages 12 and up are welcome and encouraged to attend. Courses are scheduled depending on demand. For additional info, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to let us know you are interested in a women’s self-defense course and we will notify you when one is scheduled.

There are three courses offered: a six week, a two week, and a one-day introductory course.

Scheduled: Arranged based upon interest

Instructor: Sifu Eric Winfree, SiHing Jason Wallace, SiHing Montell Lyles Jr, SiJa Lisa Kim, and members of the Syracuse Martial Arts Academy community

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