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Syracuse Martial Arts Academy

Ancient Wisdom . . . Modern Results

               Located inside Destiny USA, around the corner from Johnny Rockets                                                                                                       Established in 1997                                                                                   

The Gathering of Sabers

The Gathering of Sabers is a local light saber dueling club in Upstate NY where fans can get together to compete in friendly competition, roleplay and cosplay. Fans can also get together weekly to learn basic to advanced light saber technique based on real martial arts. For competitions there is a full point system and awards given out to winners. Dressing up in theme is not mandatory but is very much encouraged. We Love Cosplayers!

More information on rules, equipment and fees on Facebook

Disclaimer: The Gathering of Sabers is in 

no way affiliated with Star Wars, Lucas 

Arts or Disney.

Offered: Please see calendar

Instructor: Sifu Anthony Iglesias

Note: The Gathering of Sabers is not 

included in the SMAA tuition. You also 

do not need to be a member of SMAA to 

join. Please see Sifu Anthony for details